Money alone doesn’t make anybody happy. You also need shares, gold and real estates.

–Danny Kaye

How does one become happy in life? The billionaire Warren Buffett reveals it here.

Behind which door does the happy life wait?

Behind which door does the happy life wait?

If one asks people on the street, what is missing for having a happy life, most of them answer: “More money!”

And also a new study aims to show that the frequently read opinion, the contentment does not increase above a certain income level, it is a myth:

“Richer citizens within a country are happier than poor people. For example, half of American households with an income of US $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 are highly happy with their lives, among those with $ 100,000 to $ 150,000 it is however 72%. There is no specific income level, from which the happiness does not increase.”

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The most important steps in life are always out of the comfort zone.

Think for a moment about the biggest problems in your life. Fearing to start something new. A lack of stamina to accomplish something. Procrastinating to find a new job. Avoiding disputes. Almost all these problems share the following: You are afraid to leave your comfort zone, because it is uncomfortable. Discomfort is not a real […]

What Freud forgot to tell you …

For the first time I published two eBooks for the Kindle-Reader. But you can also read it on your smartphone, your PC or your iPad with the free app. “What Freud forgot to tell you about love, life and the rest” That’s the title of the first book. It contains the best articles from this […]

It’s your shadow that causes your stagefright.

Many years ago my teacher Ron Kurtz held a workshop with 40 participants where I was assisting him. Everybody waited excitedly. Ron said: “Welcome and hello” to everybody.  And then it happened. All I was able to hear were the murmurous words: “My dear friend Roland will explain the first principle of our HAKOMI-method to you. […]

How can you overcome hurt, mortification and anger?

The laws of nature give us the certitude that the result of an action is an expected reaction. We turn on the light switch or flush the toilet. We place a book on a shelf and one month later it’s still there. Unless something is broken or there’s another logical explanation. This makes us feel […]

Why you have to start accepting pain instead of avoiding it.

One of my clients, Anna, is terrified of dogs. When she walks along the street and sees a dog coming from a distance she changes her direction and turns into a street if possible. Even if the dog is still 200 yards away. Mr. M. works in sales and has to do cold calls. That […]

An astonishing method against fears, worries and musings.

“And how do I get rid of my fears?” I can’t remember how often I‘ve heard this question from my clients within the past 30 years of my career as a therapist. The question usually came up once I had worked with the client for a while and it became obvious we were talking about […]