Why many men stumble over the umbilical cord in their relationships.

We all are born with an umbilical cord. It is made of human tissue, of  pink color and measures about 20 inches. Immediately after birth it is cut through by the father or the doctor, depending on the parents’ belief. This happens, because the infant now no longer needs to be supplied through his mother’s […]

Live one day without any expectations.

How much of your stress, frustration, disappointment, anger, irritation, foul mood comes from one little thing? Almost all of it comes from your expectations, and, when things (inevitably) don’t turn out as we expect, from wishing things were different. We build these expectations in our heads of what other people should do, what our lives […]

The 10 best strategies to make sure nothing in your life changes

Motivation, wealth, luck, losing weight, health, fitness, a long life, satisfied employees — the list of what people want to change is long.  Thousands of guidebooks offer their support. Most theories, suggestions and tools aren’t new – but they come along in a new outfit. I, too, listen to many people in my coaching sessions who tell […]

Why your New Year’s resolutions will most probably remain to be nothing but that – resolutions.

For many people the beginning of a new year is the perfect opportunity to make good resolutions. Of course every other day of the year will serve you just as well. It’s like Mother’s day. Rituals can help you to remember something. Yet having good resolutions is the same with our gratitude we feel for […]

Are you a solar cell or rather a rechargeable battery?

Does your head start buzzing when there’s too much going on around you?  Do you regain energy when you’re alone? When in meetings, do you wait until you are asked? Are you bushed after a day at the open-plan office? At a party – would one more likely find you in the private library or […]

Suppose Steve Jobs would have been your coach …

Anyone can call himself a coach now a days, the term isn’t protected. That’s why there are hyphen-coaches for every situation you currently find yourself in. For example Success-Coach, Running-Coach, Weight-Coach. Surely it’s only a question of time until the first Dying-Fearlessly-Coach shows up on the horizon and publishes his homepage. But the inflationary use of […]

Letting go: it’s so hard for us sometimes – but there are ways …

Everyone knows the feeling when you hold on to something that lies in the past or has been lost. I’m not talking about bittersweet memories of moments long gone or keeping something to commemorate something that is important to us. I mean situations where we hold on helplessly or desperately cling to bygones although we […]