Why Germany?

What could you learn from a German Blogger?

To answer that question let’s take a look what many people from the United States, from Australia, from Japan, China or Russia are interested when they think of Germany?

First thing: cars. I mean not cheap cars or normal cars. They love to buy a Mercedes. Or a BMW. Maybe a Porsche.

So what they are searching for? I think, it is a special way of thinking.

it’s German quality-thinking.

Next thing what people want to see and actually buy are cuckoo-clocks, steins, big hats.

They also visit towns little towns like Heidelberg, where I live, or Rothenburg. They search for castles like Neuschwanstein. They visit old buildings like the Hofbräuhaus in Munic.

So what they are searching for?

it’s German historical-thinking.

Do you guess what the third thing could be? No, not humor.

After World War II most of Germany’s cities and industries were destroyed. And the land was divided in two parts, since 1961 by a big wall.

For people all over the world when  are faced with a catastrophe have to show courage and hope. Like the people in New Orleans,  Fukushima, Germans had the same willpower not to give up.

it’s the German perseverant thinking.

And so are the articles of this blog.

No quick tips “How to change your life in ten minutes”. You will find these hints elsewhere. Here on my blog you find posts which reflects some German attributes:

  • They have quality.
    That’s why I only write one article per week. Sometimes only one in a month.
  • They are historical.
    Which means that they often relate to your person and your individual biography.
  • They are long and invite you to think about.
    So you need some perseverance.


Then read on here.