9 steps to hypnotize yourself.

Sometimes it is helpful to connect with the own unconscious wisdom.
One of the ways is to do a little self hypnosis. You can do that everywhere even in a noisy are. Here are the steps.

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Tell yourself: „Every noise which I hear and every word, which comes to my ear, can help me to relax even deeper and concentrate even better. I Pay attention only to that what is important for me.“
  3. If you happen to  be at the airport you you can say in addition to yourself: „I perceive only those announcements which are important for me consciously. Everything else works as a background noise and may help me to go even deeper in trance.”
  4. Take tow or three deep breath. Ty to exhale as completely as possible. Empty your lungs completely.
  5. Tell yourself: „Now I count from ten to zero down. Arriving at zero I will imagine to be at a wonderful place, where I can completely relax.
  6. Count from ten to zero and imagine yourself to be at a wonderful place, where you can relax really well and recover.
  7. Imagine being at this place and count slowly to three. Then will appear right before you a wise person who knows an answer to all your questions.
  8. Describe to this wise person your biggest problem at the moment.
  9. This wise person puts a few questions to this problem to you. Imagine how you answer them to him.
    The questions are:
    – Why is this a problem?
    – For whom is this a problem? And for whom else?
    – Who must solve the problem?
    – What happens, if you cannot can solve it?
    – What happens if you can solve it?
    – What doesn’t happen if you can solve it?
    7. What doesn’t happen if you cannot solve it?

9. Come slowly back in the Here and Now and let yourself surprise!

article 32 tantalization you to itself also with wrong feelings of guilt? Will you give it a Try?

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