After ten years in psychoanalysis, my therapist told me something very touching, he said, “no hablo ingles”.

–Dennis Wolfberg

What Freud forgot to tell you …

For the first time I published two eBooks for the Kindle-Reader. But you can also read it on your smartphone, your PC or your iPad with the free app.

freud ebook cover 3D Read my eBooks“What Freud forgot to tell you about love, life and the rest”

That’s the title of the first book. It contains the best articles from this blog.

No simple tipps but articles which dig ab bit deeper for a better understanding of your every day problems. With drawings by me.

Table of Content

What Freud forgot to tell you?
Why is personal change often so hard?
Why many men stumble over the umbilical cord in their relationships.
“Why do I always fall in love with the wrong guy?”
Forget time-management! Time cannot be managed.
Suppose Steve Jobs would have been your coach …
The Sedona-method®: Four questions that make a change!
How couples manage to talk better with each other.
Live one day without any expectations.
Why your New Year’s resolutions will probably not work.
What type of father was your own father? And what type are you?
Letting go: it’s so hard for us sometimes – but there are ways …
About the author

The ebook contains 77 pages and is illustrated by me.

Over 800 x downloads  since 1st of January.

Here two reviews:

Susanne Asser, coach and teacher

You should really do yourself a favor and download this helpful compilation of wise words and deep insights on some psychological topics on important personality development.

We all run around day by day following patterns trying to make life work out best for us. Some of these patterns though are not very helpful for us, instead they are the cause for barriers we sometimes can’t seem to overcome.

And when we are caught in our own ball of wool, it is hard and wearisome to find the end that can untangle it.

This is where Roland Kopp-Wichmann comes in because he allows you to understand what makes your world turn the way it does and the best thing about his articles is that each and every one includes very serviceable exercises that you can put into practice immediately.

Knowing the author personally I assure you he knows what he is talking about. I myself have applied many of his ideas and solutions for my life and they’ve made a real difference for me and my environment.

John Wilder

Here is a psychologist who translates deep principles into every day common language. It enables you to de-code your feelings and that of others to live a more contented and directed life. It also helps you to have better communication with others and have better habits.

John Wilder

You can download it here …


From procrastination to no-crastination

procrastination 3D Read my eBooksThat’s my second book – and it shows a complete different view at a common problem. I think, procrastination is not a form of laziness. No lack of self-discipline. It also no character trait. It’s not even your problem. It’s your solution!

“Excuse me?” is probably what you’re thinking now.Yes, that’s right: procrastination is your best solution – for certain situations anyway. Of course it isn’t the best solution you can imagine or that you want. But it’s the best solution – within your possibilities at hand.For what is procrastination your best solution?
Well, putting things off probably helps you:

  • to regulate unpleasant emotions,
  • to avoid certain fears,
  • to boost your self-esteem (by resisting),
  • not always needing to function,
  • to nourish the illusion that everything in life should be fun.

Of course procrastination has its price.
fear of task Read my eBooksMissed appointments, unfulfilled tasks, accusations from others, nagging feelings of guilt, enormous stress, even if you make it in time under pressure.

But you take all that into consideration. Because you’re well acquainted with the the disadvantages and you are used to the emotions that are accompanied by them. And because putting things off is your best solution. I other words: because you don’t really have a clue WHY you procrastinate in the first place.

As long as you don’t know
for what procrastination actually is
your best solution
you don’t have a choice.

It may seem ridiculous to you – but you still can’t change anything.
Instead you need to find out:

  • What kind of psychological benefit you get out of procrastination.
  • What the connection between your self-esteem and your procrastination is.
  • Which unconscious fears procrastination helps you to avoid.

How to beat procrastination in six weeks – and get your most important task done. A daring promise, you think?

I will show you a concrete practicable path which I myself overcame my procrastination with. And which many of my participants and coaching clients have taken and won the battle over procrastination with.

And here’s what you’ll get:

  1. You’ll learn about the reasons that lies behind your procrastination. Usually I t turns out to be an unconscious inner conflict or a fear that you don’t really know yet. In this e-mail training you’ll find out what the most common fears concerning this problem are.
  2. You’ll learn about a simple but effective method which I have made the best experiences with. I actually created this training within two week s next to my daily work.
  3. You’ll find out what your one or two most important goals are in the near future. Plus how you will find the time during your daily routine to follow up on these goals.
  4. You get 10 lessons with the best methods and tips, which I’ve successfully tested myself or with many of my clients.
  5.  At the end of each chapter there’s a sheet to help you realize my methods and tips. It’s supposed to help you put what you’ve read into action right away. Because you won’t change anything just by reading.

This e-book is tailor-made for you if

  • failure Read my eBooksYou put off important tasks often or take care of many things at the last minute;
  • You find yourself overwhelmed from the size of your tasks or your to-do lists;
  • You find yourself under time pressure, stress or suffer from perfectionism;
  • It’s hard for you to set important priorities in your professional as well as in your private life;
  • You can’t seem to find any time or energy for important goals due to an overload of “daily routine“;
  • You keep putting off important goals, dreams or plans over and over again;
  • You don’t have any goals, dreams or plans for your life at all.

The book hat 112 pages and is illustrated by me.

You can download it here …

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