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What type of father was your own father? And what type are you?

Son and father. From time to time that seems to be a difficult relationship. Filled with many held off feelings. Over centuries socializing a boy was carved mainly by the parole “be strong!“. In my father’s generation body contact, emotional closeness or showing feelings was frowned upon. Markus Söder, a German minister of state, also […]

What was your favorite meal as a child?

And how did meals at home shape your life? There’s nothing like good food to give you that very special feeling of comfort in certain situations. Especially when someone, who loves us, cooks it for us. We already make these experiences, if all goes well, as a child at home. Far from all kinds of […]

Which results does it have to have been physically abused as a child?

A serious subject. In my seminars and coaching sessions as well as in therapy   I am faced over and over again with the consequences of how physical punishments during childhood can affect the adult life. I have to listen very carefully to realize somebody is indicating physical violence in his childhood. That’s because the subject […]