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Suppose Steve Jobs would have been your coach …

Anyone can call himself a coach now a days, the term isn’t protected. That’s why there are hyphen-coaches for every situation you currently find yourself in. For example Success-Coach, Running-Coach, Weight-Coach. Surely it’s only a question of time until the first Dying-Fearlessly-Coach shows up on the horizon and publishes his homepage. But the inflationary use of […]

How does one become happy in life? The billionaire Warren Buffett reveals it here.

If one asks people on the street, what is missing for having a happy life, most of them answer: “More money!” And also a new study aims to show that the frequently read opinion, the contentment does not increase above a certain income level, it is a myth: “Richer citizens within a country are happier […]

The most important steps in life are always out of the comfort zone.

Think for a moment about the biggest problems in your life. Fearing to start something new. A lack of stamina to accomplish something. Procrastinating to find a new job. Avoiding disputes. Almost all these problems share the following: You are afraid to leave your comfort zone, because it is uncomfortable. Discomfort is not a real […]

What Freud forgot to tell you …

For the first time I published two eBooks for the Kindle-Reader. But you can also read it on your smartphone, your PC or your iPad with the free app. “What Freud forgot to tell you about love, life and the rest” That’s the title of the first book. It contains the best articles from this […]

Live one day without any expectations.

How much of your stress, frustration, disappointment, anger, irritation, foul mood comes from one little thing? Almost all of it comes from your expectations, and, when things (inevitably) don’t turn out as we expect, from wishing things were different. We build these expectations in our heads of what other people should do, what our lives […]

The 10 best strategies to make sure nothing in your life changes

Motivation, wealth, luck, losing weight, health, fitness, a long life, satisfied employees — the list of what people want to change is long.  Thousands of guidebooks offer their support. Most theories, suggestions and tools aren’t new – but they come along in a new outfit. I, too, listen to many people in my coaching sessions who tell […]

Why your New Year’s resolutions will most probably remain to be nothing but that – resolutions.

For many people the beginning of a new year is the perfect opportunity to make good resolutions. Of course every other day of the year will serve you just as well. It’s like Mother’s day. Rituals can help you to remember something. Yet having good resolutions is the same with our gratitude we feel for […]