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What Freud forgot to tell you …

For the first time I published two eBooks for the Kindle-Reader. But you can also read it on your smartphone, your PC or your iPad with the free app. “What Freud forgot to tell you about love, life and the rest” That’s the title of the first book. It contains the best articles from this […]

Letting go: it’s so hard for us sometimes – but there are ways …

Everyone knows the feeling when you hold on to something that lies in the past or has been lost. I’m not talking about bittersweet memories of moments long gone or keeping something to commemorate something that is important to us. I mean situations where we hold on helplessly or desperately cling to bygones although we […]

Dialogues that make a difference – how couples manage to talk about themselves and with each other.

Better than viagra or seeing the divorce lawyer: profound dialogues. When I work in my seminars or coaching sessions, where mostly the main topic is a professional one, I usually end up counseling personal problems. Be it that a couple is always in fight mode which leads to the husband having to work overtime at the office […]

What type of father was your own father? And what type are you?

Son and father. From time to time that seems to be a difficult relationship. Filled with many held off feelings. Over centuries socializing a boy was carved mainly by the parole “be strong!“. In my father’s generation body contact, emotional closeness or showing feelings was frowned upon. Markus Söder, a German minister of state, also […]

“Why do I always fall in love with the wrong guy?”

10 signs that say you’re a love addict. It’s a recurring sigh of desperation that I keep hearing in my therapy sessions. Usually it comes from women although there are also male love addicts out there. The script is always the same. She meets an interesting guy. After the first date or a passionate night […]