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Suppose Steve Jobs would have been your coach …

Anyone can call himself a coach now a days, the term isn’t protected. That’s why there are hyphen-coaches for every situation you currently find yourself in. For example Success-Coach, Running-Coach, Weight-Coach. Surely it’s only a question of time until the first Dying-Fearlessly-Coach shows up on the horizon and publishes his homepage. But the inflationary use of […]

What Freud forgot to tell you …

For the first time I published two eBooks for the Kindle-Reader. But you can also read it on your smartphone, your PC or your iPad with the free app. “What Freud forgot to tell you about love, life and the rest” That’s the title of the first book. It contains the best articles from this […]

An astonishing method against fears, worries and musings.

“And how do I get rid of my fears?” I can’t remember how often I‘ve heard this question from my clients within the past 30 years of my career as a therapist. The question usually came up once I had worked with the client for a while and it became obvious we were talking about […]

The 10 best strategies to make sure nothing in your life changes

Motivation, wealth, luck, losing weight, health, fitness, a long life, satisfied employees — the list of what people want to change is long.  Thousands of guidebooks offer their support. Most theories, suggestions and tools aren’t new – but they come along in a new outfit. I, too, listen to many people in my coaching sessions who tell […]

Are you a solar cell or rather a rechargeable battery?

Does your head start buzzing when there’s too much going on around you?  Do you regain energy when you’re alone? When in meetings, do you wait until you are asked? Are you bushed after a day at the open-plan office? At a party – would one more likely find you in the private library or […]

What type of father was your own father? And what type are you?

Son and father. From time to time that seems to be a difficult relationship. Filled with many held off feelings. Over centuries socializing a boy was carved mainly by the parole “be strong!“. In my father’s generation body contact, emotional closeness or showing feelings was frowned upon. Markus Söder, a German minister of state, also […]

Companies need “tempered radicals“. Do you have what it takes?

How does change develop within a company? With the support of corporate consultants who analyze all processes for months and then come up with radical solutions? Or through charismatic leaders, who change the course and everything becomes different? That may apply for individual cases. But it’s more common that change happens much less spectacularly. It’s […]